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Animal Communication Workshop Testimonials

"Attending the workshop helped me “trust my “knowings” with animals as fully as I do with people.” - TT, screenwriter/producer

“Yes!”…attending this workshop…”has helped me to affirm what I have been feeling-that I am communicating-being heard by-and hearing from animals.” - CB

“Love how even with self-doubt [Heather] showed me how to open my mind”

“Heather is a gifted intuitive and natural teacher. She is inspiring and encouraging with her immense respect for animals and their profound capacities for communication.” After attending the workshop… “I came to a number of realizations about how I could improve my relationship with my cat, how I was being incongruent emotionally and inconsistent in my behavior with her.” - DR, Support Worker

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class…I was worried I wouldn't be able to pick anything up…but was thrilled to have met like-minded people who don't think I'm crazy for communicating with animals. It was valuable to get feedback from others that I was correct and actually receiving information. I learned tons about myself and my intuition; loved the course.” - JB, Contracts Analyst

"Attending the workshop helped me have “greater depth and understanding…” and to trust “…my gut and the communication we already have.” I learned that “the messages I receive are accurate.” - CL, Leadership Development Consultant

“It’s simply wonderful to come out of a workshop feeling so energized and positive about life, knowing that you’ve made some new friends and enjoyed a truly meaningful connection with the animals that you love so much. Can’t wait to attend another workshop! Thanks so much.” - EC, Communications

“Since attending the workshop…“Major/King (!) is definitely happier and more affectionate. I feel less anxious around him, knowing that I have this means to assess how he’s doing and if he feels his needs are being met.” - EC, Communications

"Attending this workshop provided…”a deeper understanding and method of connecting with my dog.” - ML

“It has helped me to free myself from preconceived notions or expectations and feel more confidence in what has always felt true in my heart”
- SB, Credit Manager

"Heather’s workshop has “inspired and motivated me to practice more regularly with my animal friends and trust what I am receiving. I have been able to use the practical exercises to continue to enhance and deepen my animal communication skills.” - CW, Equine Guided Facilitator

"Attending this workshop “…helped deepen the connection to my animals, and it helped open up some emotional struggles (of my own) to healing.” - SW

“It was a wonderful space and the atmosphere was genuine and open and inviting.” - JB, Contracts Analyst

“Heather is great at what she does. Her beautiful and gentle energies shine right through her. She is respectful and is very considerate of everyone’s feelings.” - SB, Animal Health Technologist

“This workshop is a positive and safe space to explore communication with animals. The group support provides validations and Heather’s experience guides you to develop and strengthen your own skills.” - SW, Adoption Center Manager

“Heather is an inviting, supportive and intuitive teacher who creates a safe and supportive atmosphere.” - CL, Leadership Development Consultant

“Your workshop confirmed my abilities and gave me the tools to connect more deeply with animals”- GV, pet sitter

“Nice small group, felt that we were supported by you all the way through. The progression was good as well with the different meditations. The meditations themselves were very effective.” - HL

“Having validating feedback [from other participants] made all the difference in my being able to make it happen.” - CP

“Heather is an excellent instructor. The exercises are fun and informative. I believe this type of work benefits both animals and humans.” - WD, Operations Worker

“To be able to open the heart and mind to truly hear what animals have to say is an unimaginable privilege. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for providing such a life changing experience to owners and their animals.” - VD

“It was so relaxed, no pressure-no one laughed at anything that was said-everyone was there for each other.” - DW

“From the outset I found both Heather and the venue to be welcoming and very conducive to a successful outcome. The conversations throughout stayed on the topic’s focus.” - AB, Energy Specialist

“It taught me how to tap in further to the communication we have already-but it confirmed its truth for me and gave me additional ways to focus in and trust a process instead of casual conversation with them.” - VD

“It’s a really positive sign when you’ve spent a whole day in a workshop and still have tons of energy and interest in hanging out and chatting with fellow attendees. Heather has an amazing capacity to quickly bring people together and help them feel comfortable with themselves and each other. In her Animal Communication workshop, I think we learned as much about communicating with each other as we did about communicating with our companion animals. “ - EC, Communications

Animal Communication Info and links:

Canine Companion Meditations, by Sanghavasini Verghoot.
Mindfulness meditation CD’s for you and your dog. Meditation practice can greatly enhance one’s ability to receive telepathic communication from animals. Check out the free introduction or Download Mp3’s. CD’s are available in Calgary through Divine Mine .

Equine Guided Development and Positive Relationship Based Horse Training and Coaching.
Facilitating personal growth and developing mindfulness through the horse-human connection.,

Girls Empowerment and Leadership Programs with Horses.
Engaging heart centered leadership and self-confidence in girls.

To Book a Session:

Phone 250-661-7952

Learn to communicate with animals Workshop

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