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Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I know when it is time to get support?

Do you feel like you’re losing control?

Are you overwhelmed?

Are you lacking purpose for your life?


Dealing with loss?

Do you lack meaningful relationships?

Are you looking at career decisions? Or job competencies?

Have you been traumatized?

Are you being bullied in the workplace, or at home?

Do you wonder who you are?

Are your children running you?

Have you chronic pain?

Addiction issues?



What is a Marriage and Family Therapist?


Someone specially trained in helping a couple to explore in depth the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual problems within the context of a couple’s relationship, or within the context of a family. A family is a system, and just like a great hockey team, or any other sports team, needs to work together  for the good of the whole. Often one person may be picked as the scapegoat, but in actual fact, that person is a symptom of what is going wrong in a family.


How long does therapy last?


The answer to this question depends on the issue, the individual person, (because we all have different degrees of resiliency), whether or not a client completes homework assignments between sessions, and possibly frequency of visits. It could be one session or 20 sessions. Short-term counselling is usually solution focused, 3 or 4 sessions, whereas for a long-standing issue, such as a personality disorder or depression, more sessions may be required for advancement. Nothing is set in stone.


What type of therapy is offered?


Individual, couple, family, all age groups. Many types of therapy. Please scrutinize the offerings under the various therapists.

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