“I find EFT to be a very useful tool.  I know that it is very effective, especially when working through painful emotions.  I have noticed several times after a few minutes of using EFT, becoming emotionally charged, indicating to me this is something I really need to work on and have found by continuing to work on whatever issue is at stake, decreases the amount of stress, discomfort and emotional pain substantially and at times eliminate completely.

 I find it especially useful to say the statements and the tapping with my eyes closed.  I have noticed many other memories that "pop up" during a session that are related to the issue that I am tapping on that I didn't think about that really do relate to the same situation; maybe not in intensity but has the same effect.

 I've been using EFT every day, a few sessions that are 8 to 15 minutes in length.  After nearly every session, I feel a positive shift, a feeling of peace.”



"Thank you Dr. Val, in just two sessions you let me tell my story and then you gave me the tools to disconnect with the toxic environment and help me reconnect with myself and my confidence. I feel ready to take on a new adventure! The EFT Quantum Touch works effectively and truly does recharge my energy field to be more balanced." JG.


“I have felt happier and more content than I have in years after EFT last week.” MM

Shana Adams

“Thanks for double checking and for all the useful information. You helped me so much. I’m very grateful!”

Shana Adams


“Thank you very much for your material, really it seems you care about your patients.” Isabel


"Thank you for all of your help. Our communication has improved and we seem to be in a better place now. It’s something we will continue to improve but you have put us on the right track. We will keep you in mind in the future if we decide to do some more again." Steve  


“Awe bless you n thank u so much I will print this off n keep it somewhere for if I have those kind of days I more optimistic now that your in my life thank you”



“First things first where has this been all my life. I watched the videos and I did some tapping last night and I can not express the feeling I had after I did a few tapping session I woke this morning feeling amazed by how it released the tension in my shoulders where I carry my stress and anger I feel like I am not completely there it feels like I need more to feel whole I only touched basics of this but I wanna thank you for introducing me to this and I am going to do my best to incorporate it in my everyday. I am looking into how to attend this summit I really think this will help me and my therapy this is life changing I can feel it.”