Our Approach

Enjoy the luxury of being fully heard. All our therapists are excellent listeners. Enjoy feeling safe in an intimate mileau.

IN A SINGLE SESSION, QUOTE: “YOU CHANGED OUR LIVES -BECAUSE MY SON WANTED TO TALK TO YOU.” In Carl Rogers’ words, the 3 defining qualities of a person-centered therapist are: warmth, genuineness and understanding. Out therapists regard clients as “potentially competent individuals” and they work towards increasing clients’ feelings of self-worth and reducing the level of incongruency between the ideal and actual self in order to become a more fully functioning person. Our therapists show their authentic selves. What you see is who they are.


Core conditions for change are reflected in three basic competencies of our therapists. They are CONGRUENCE, UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD & EMPATHY. According to Dr. Carl Rogers, the leader of Humanistic Psychology, the therapist allows himself or herself to be led by the client. The same emphasis on boundaries of time and technique are different from therapists who use other models, so if our therapists judged it appropriate, as person-centered counselors they might diverge considerably from orthodox counselling techniques.