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Learn to Communicate with Animals

  • Do you wish you could understand what your animal companion is thinking or feeling?

  • Does your animal companion have health issues or behavior you don’t understand?

  • Do you long for a deeper connection with your animal companion?

Whether we are conscious of it or not, many of us are already communicating telepathically with our animal companions.  We all have the ability to connect on a soul level with other beings from humans to dogs, cats or horses. This workshop is designed to help you uncover and develop that ability. 

Engaging in Animal Communication stills our mind and opens our heart.  As we expand our awareness and develop our abilities to receive information telepathically our world opens up in a new way and we can experience a greater connection with all of life.


In this experiential workshop you will:  


  • Practice being in a receptive state

  • Learn to receive and send messages to an animal companion

  • Learn your unique way of receiving communication from animals

  • Challenge self doubt by working with other’s animal companions and receiving validation

  • Communicate with a beloved animal companion that has passed over

  • Learn various ways to scan the body for health issues

  • Open to connect with a wild animal and experience their perspective

  • Work as a group with a selected animal to increase your accuracy



***Please bring photographs of your companion animals; all communication is practiced by distance

Facilitator: Heather Faris

Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Heather offers Animal Communication Workshops in Alberta and British Columbia
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